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Difficult Terrain of Sikhi -2 (Aukhi Ghaati)

Night of 21st December 1704, the night when Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj was requested by Khalsa Panth to leave Chamkaur di garhi…..the night when Guru Gobind Singh ji gave his Kalgi to his beloved Sikh Bhai Sangat Singh Bangeshari…..the night when a father passed through body of his beautiful and beloved son, the son whom he had named Ajit Singh, The Invincible.

         Even the thought of that time sends shivers down my spine. These are the days I close my eyes and take myself back in the time when Guru Gobind Singh ji had arrived in small, mud walled fortress of Chamkaur. He was on his beloved horse, Dal Bidaar (the destroyer of battalions), had his two sons, five beloved ones and 36 Sikhs with him. The Sikhs were the ones who had stayed with him whole their life, someone was hazooriya, some one was Chaur sewak, someone fed Guruji’s horses, someone like Bhai Maan Singh was hazooriya of younger Sahibzadey. There was Bhai Kirpa Singh, who had led a delegation of 500 Kashmiri Pandits to Guru Teg Bahadur ji in 1675 and after Guruji’s Shaheedi had come to Sikhi. There was Bhai Jeevan Singh who brought Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s head from Delhi. While these were the elderly Singhs aged 70 and 55 respectively, there were Bhai Raam Singh and Bhai Sangraam Singh, teenaged sons of Bhai Bachittar Singh ji and grandsons of Bhai Mani Singh ji, who were in Jatha of Baba Ajit Singh ji. Born and raised up in Anandpur Sahib, they were best friends of Baba Ajit Singh ji. This small band of holy warriors reached at Chamkaur on night of 20 December. Mughal Army assisted by Hindu Kings continuously pursued Guruji and his small group of Sikhs to Chamkaur Sahib. 21st December is shortest day in India, and one of the coldest one, still the Sikhs lied under open sky, with just their Shawls to cover their bodies. In the night as the Singhs slept, Guru Gobind Singh ji stood guard.

         Isn’t this beautiful? The Sikhs were sleeping with their shields as pillows, holding their kirpans in hands, and Guru Gobind Singh ji stood guard of these Sikhs. Where in the universe will we find such loving Master, who guards his Sikhs whole night? He was not just guarding, while Sikhs slept, Guruji went to each and every Sikh and cleaned his face with his hazooriya, kissing forehead of someone, someone’s hand or feet. He knew, these beautiful souls were going to leave this planet next day, he knew these beloved Sikhs were going to get cut to pieces next day for his honour, his love. He knew these Sikhs were going to become Shaheed next day, and that was the only night he knew was left to be with them, love them, look at their glowing faces, which despite hardships and hunger of six months were still in charhdi kala. What I can give them, the Guru thought. What should I do to repay their love and faith? These were the thoughts in beloved Satguru ji’s heart when suddenly Bhai Daya Singh ji woke up, and with him woke Sangraam Singh. Bhai Sahib saw Guruji going to every sikh, cleaning his face and kissing his feet. Both Singhs looked at each other and went to Satguru ji. As they tried to speak, Satguru ji looked at them and said ‘ Daya Singh, quiet…don’t say a word, my sons are fast asleep’. Bhai Sahib said ‘Maharaj, we are just your Sikhs; you are our master, our Lord. We are not like even the dust of your feet and you are kissing our feet? Why Maharaj? Satguru ji said ‘Daya Singh, you all are my beloved Sons, and I know tomorrow many of you will be lying in that battlefield which I see in front of me, tomorrow your souls will be in Sachkhand, and bodies lying in dust of this earth, I will not be able to see most of you again in this world, let me love and bless my Sikhs tonight, I don’t have anything to repay your Love, your faith. For me you all have faced such hardships, what can I give you? Hearing these words of Love, both Singhs fell at Dasmesh pita’s feet and said Satguru ji, promise us you will give us what we ask? Guruji promised! And the Gursikhs said ‘Satguruji,wherever we will be tomorrow,whatever happens to us,we live or die, we don’t need heavens,just give us little place in your heart.

       Hearing this, tears of Bairaag and prem started flowing down Satguru ji’s eyes, Sikhs were already in tears. Dasmesh pita ji took both Singhs in his arms and promised ‘ Singho, all the place in my heart is for you, you who are going to die for me, you who have sacrificed your self and ego for me, you who lived your entire life for me. I live inside you and you live in me’. Getting the blessing, Satguruji and Sikhs sat down for Nitnem and as Amritvela started, all the Singhs rose up and sat down in Samadhiya. Guru Gobind Singh ji sat on a high platform and all the Singhs and Sahibzadey sat down in Guruji’s feet. There were stars shining in sky, but their glow, their shine was nothing compared to the holy glow of Naam emanating from those blessed souls in Chamkaur di garhi.

         Whole day bloody battle raged, one after another, Sikhs kept felling, fighting millions in battlefield. Then Baba Ajit Singh ji went into the Samar-bhoomi and attained martyrdom. Seeing his elder brother fall, Baba Jhujar Singh ji took out his sword and asked Pita-Guru for permission to go in battlefield. As Maharaj nodded, Bhai Daya Singh ji held arm of Baba Jhujar Singh ji and said  Maharaj, Ajit Singh has attained Shaheedi, no one knows where are the younger Sahibzadas, we don’t know if we will see them again or not, Jhujar Singh is the only one we have at the moment, please don’t send him to battle. I will go at his turn, not he. Maharaj smiled at Daya Singh, removed his hand from Baba Jhujar Singh’s hand and said, Dharam needs him, the palace of Dharam has to be built on heads of my Sons, only then will Dharam survive. Saying this Maharaj sent Baba Jhujar Singh ji to battlefield, and saw his son getting cut to pieces in battlefield. As Sahibzada Jhujar Singh ji fell as Martyr, Maharaj did a Jaikaara which shook the enemies like a earthquake. As the skies thundered with sounds of Jo Bole So Nihal….Sat Sri Akaal……..Guru Gobind Singh ji took a deep breath and thanked Waheguru for taking back what was his.

       In the night when Maharaj left Chamkaur di Garhi, Bhai Daya Singh, Dharam Singh and Maan Singh left with Maharaj. As Guruji walked through bodies of Sikhs and his Sons, he stopped Bhai Daya Singh from putting any cloth on body of his son Baba Ajit Singh as that will be an injustice to other Sikhs who died fighting for him.

   As Maharaj reached Jungle of Maachiwara, and lied on bed of thorns and stones near a well, his eyes watched the night sky. Moon was shining in its full glory, it being a full moon light, stars were shining, and it was chilling cold. Suddenly cool breeze of wind touched Maharaj’s body, and Maharaj started talking to that breeze…..
‘Mittar Pyare nu, Haal mureeda da kehna’

         Sometimes I think, there have been hundreds and thousands of Prophets, Avatars, Mahapurakhs and Rishis on this planet, but is there someone like Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. I read all religions, lives of their prophets and avtars, their words and deeds, and to be honest, no one comes close to Great life of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.  Guru Gobind Singh ji took with him three Sikhs, he could have taken one of his sons too, but he didn’t, why? Guru Gobind Singh ji could have saved his family, his sons, his mother and Father too…but he didn’t, why? Why did Maharaj fight? For empire? For wealth? For positions?  No, he didn’t. He fought for Dharma, Truth, equality, justice and freedom. He fought so that those who have been oppressed from centuries could breathe in free air. He fought so that thousands of sisters and daughters who were sold in markets as slaves could be saved. He gave blood of his Sons so that millions of Sons who were killed innocently could be saved. Going through this much pain and hardships, he kept smiling.

         Sitting all alone in forest of Maachiwara, on bed of thorns and stones, Maharaj closed his eyes and thanked Waheguru Aakaal Purakh. Today the Shahe-Shenshah was sitting all alone in forest. There was no Chaur, no takhat, not Kalgi, no shoes in feet, no horse, no army, nothing. Out of four sons, not even one was with him, mother, wives, younger sons, no one was there. All the beloved Sikhs had died fighting in the battles of Sarsa and Chamkaur…..life was at standstill. It was painful and teary, and a normal human being would have died, but look at Guru Gobind Singh. He is singing ‘Yaarrhe da sanu sathar changa, bhath kheryha da rehna’ ( bed of thorns of my beloved friend is better than pleasing beds of world,which are nothing more than a furnace).

  It is Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj’s greatness who did such kirpa on us fools and blessed us with his love. Sometimes I think what good deed I did that I am born into a Sikh family? What good deed I did that I got Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj and I got to read Maharaj’s Baani? Sikhi is very high, very pure, very blissful, much above the level paapis like me can even imagine. What Guru Gobind Singh ji did for us is unmatched, unimaginable. I believe if the Sikhs have been able to face all the massacres, genocides and holocausts; it’s just because of Holy Spirit Guru Gobind Singh ji has infused in Panth. If Panth survives today, its because Guruji lives in Panth himself. Its Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj’s pure life which inspires Sikhs of all the times to stay true committed and dedicated to Dharam and Truth.

    People have their own perceptions of religion, how to meet God, do simran, read Baani, get beyond Maaya etc. I have my beliefs in place, that is, As a Sikh I don’t need to do anything except ‘Loving my Guru with True heart’. It’s the True Love which takes you beyond Vikaars, lust, anger and attachments, it’s the true love which inspires you to keep walking on path of beloved, no matter how much you have to suffer, have to bear the pain. It’s the True Love which takes you beyond Maaya, it’s the True Love which will bring God to you. Those who have Love in their hearts don’t have to go to God, God himself comes to them.  What Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj’s jeevan teaches us is Love, Love and just Love because loving your beloved even on bed of thorns will give you peace, even the pain will feel like a pleasure, a joy. There’s nothing which can save one from falling in Vikaars, except True Love.

     Love is to relation of a Sikh and Guru what Breath is to body. Without breath, body is dead, without Love, Sikh is dead. I will keep on writing, I don’t know what I write, what I speak, what I do……..but whatever I do, there’s only one wish at the back of mind, O Father, just give me little place in your heart. I don’t have the power to be your Sikh, read baani, do anything good, I am worse that worst, but I have a hope, that I have a father like Guru Gobind Singh ji, who never leaves those who love him even a bit.

Never leave me….because the journey to Anandpur is still long, very long.

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Wednesday, December 22. 2010 in History

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