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Babaji-My Support, My Guide

Years ago, I met a Mahapurush, or say, He came in my life as Light of Waheguru, to save me, give me life and guide me onto panth of Wahehguru.  And that Mahapurakh is one of the few this world has ever seen or will see. It was actually ardas of my mother which brought Waheguru’s mercy in my life in form of that Mahapurakh.

              During times of distress and despair, he has held me, like a mother holds his son in her arms. He has saved me from falling in hell a million times, has guided me whenever I am lost in journey of life. In life we have various colours, phases and cycles. There is colour of joy and sorrow, phase of charhdi kala and despair and cycle of fate, of reaping what you sow. Sometimes person gets lost in this, going far from his true self, his purity and innocence, from his basic human nature of being ‘at peace’.

    There are times in life when you become so distressed that life starts looking meaningless, all around, whatever we see looks fake and burning, smiles on faces of people make you envy them, humans don’t look humans anymore, they look like demons and devils, preying on innocence of soul and drinking each other’s blood for survival. And this is true. World is mean, people are mean and mean are the actions of people who do everything for their own self.

 These thoughts often bring me down. Then there are people, pretending to be your friends and well wishers in front of you and talking evil about you on your back, the people, pointing fingers on your character and blemishing character of some innocents with you in the process. What hurts is they pretend to be your friends, utterly religious and humble, do karams of Sikhi, read baani, do Kirtan and have some vidya. But looking at their jeevan, their hypocritical lifestyle and slyness, people around them take up that virtue less lifestyle and become like them.  

  If someone talks about morality and virtues, the people look down on you as being of medieval mindset. If someone talks about standing for your beliefs, they tag you as extremist, if you speak up the truth, take enemies of panth head-on, they label you as agent of evil forces. All these things joined with amount of pakhand and impurity which has crept into Sikhi and Sikhs, disheartens you and then the mind thinks – leave it, give up and live your life. And sincerely, I’ve passed through these situations a hundred times. I have been on the verge of mental breakdown, sometimes even thinking of suicide or going somewhere where I don’t have to face or meet such people who have just left empty karam-kaand, rituals, fake baana, fake samadhiyan, fake show-offs, people for whom virtue, honour and respect are things of middle ages, people who in pride of their materialistic superiority look down on you.

   All these things are reason enough to break down a human, with a living conscience, to make him hate the world, its people and its useless traditions.

 But these were the times My Mahapurakh, My Guide held me. He picked me up when I fell down, gave me courage and support to keep walking on this path, till I get to my destination, Immortality!  

    In all this mess called life, where truth and false, love and hate, honour and dishonour, death and life are intertwined, He has helped me recognize what is Truth and what is False.
He’s guided me with his words and his power, which are a manifestation of his Mercy. Every time life goes down, he watches, and he watches, till I am about to hit rock bottom, and when he sees that now there’s no hope left, he comes and holds sinking boat of my life, just like Guru Teg Bahadur ji did with ship of Baba Makhan Shah and brings it on surface.

     In one of my recent hard times, when it was very hard for me to carry on with life, he held my hand, and said few words, the words which gave me power to continue, to live on.

‘’ In darbar of Guru Gobind Singh ji, when you stand before him, your conscience (antar-aatma) will be a witness to your deeds. The deeds we do overlooking antar-aatma, without listening to its voice, are the ones for which we all pay. So when you stand in front of beloved Satguruji, so that you don’t have to bow your head in shame, do such deeds which will be for honour, for truth and for Guru.
Live your life as Son of Guru, he’ll save you, protect you.  Never step aside or back out from True Sikhi ideals, True beliefs of Sikhi, speak the Truth, even if that means sure death. Don’t leave path of love, even if that means getting burned alive, getting cut to pieces or sawed alive. The world will honour you, Guru will Love you and your Self will become Immortal, powerful and Free!  Protect your Dharam, and one day Dharam will protect you, stand for your Love, and Love will honour you, look at your conscience and your conscience will guide you. Always remember, Guru watches you every breath, every second of life, and He’s the one who does justice to all, being most merciful at same time. Ask him, for guidance, for light and for help. But when you ask him, ask only him, and no one else. Sikhi is path of One, believe in One, Love one. Those who look for guidance and support elsewhere will surely lose the path, lose the game and keep suffering in this circle of life and death, those who have True Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji looking over them, will be freed by Guru. Those who give up on Guru, on immortal souls, and be slaves of their minds will not get anything. Leave the pretenders aside, they don’t matter to Guru or his Shaheeds, pits of hell-fire are ready for them to burn in. those who can’t speak up and stand up for Sikhi are not Sikhs, they hold no value in Guru’s eyes. ‘’

These are the bachans which he shared with me this time and gave me courage. And one thing he always says is, don’t think the suffering is for long, it’ll pass away like dream, what will remain is the memory of those moments, which will shape your destiny and destiny of those who inflicted that pain upon you.

I get the heart to carry on, hoping that suffering will end soon. My Mahapurakh Babaji is an Ocean of Knowledge, the Light of truth, and there is no one who is like him, who can stand in front of him and hide his misdeeds from him. He taught me virtue and how to live with honour, how to stand for things I believe in. Sikhi is not just about being amritdhari, putting up kakkars and baana, just doing your nitnem and simran, it’s about Living a Life of Purity, integrity and honour. It’s about having the courage to stand up for things you believe in, it’s about willing to die for your faith and things you live in your life.

      Talking about Sikhi is a good thing, but living Sikhi in your jeevan is better thing. What is a Sikh who doesn’t believe in the fact that his/her Guru Pita is always watching over his/her deeds? What is a Sikh who doesn’t believes and understands the fact that ONE DAY, we all have to leave this body and this planet, get out of this game and face our Guru Pita in sachkhand? That day there will be no excuse good enough to justify our actions which are contrary to humanity, Sikhi and Truth. That day we can’t blame people for our misdeeds, we can’t say, i feared this thing so I did this, I wanted that thing so I did that, NO, these things will not work. The things which will matter are Words of Our Guru, Guru Granth Sahib ji, Ardas we did in front of Guru Granth Sahib ji, commitments we made in front of Guru Granth Sahib ji.

                         Whatever the world says, whatever the situations in in life, whatever depth mind is in, if we love our Guru, or if we have ever , even for a moment truly loved him, He , the merciful will stand by us. When no one in the world comes to wipe our tears and console us, the Guru keeps his hand on our shoulders, looks at us with his merciful glance and gives us heart. Life is hard and bad, can be harder and worse at times and there are worst times, people can ditch us on one pretension or another, but Guru Gobind Singh ji, won’t ever.

   This is what my Babaji taught me, this is what he makes me feel……and I carry on, carry on with my struggle, my fight with the Life, knowing that One day, one day I shall win.

Sri Akaal ji Sahai

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Wednesday, January 19. 2011 in Sant Mahapurakhs

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