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Baba Deep Singh ji - Saviour of Paapis

Dhan Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed.

Today I’ll not talk about people and their thoughts, I’ll write something about my relation with Babaji.  When I was a kid, my Mother used to tell me about Waheguru, his existence and Power. My Grandfather (Nanaji) started my santhya when I was a little kid. He did sangat of Nanaksar wale Sant Baba Gurdev Singh ji and there was a Nanaksar thaath near my mother’s village where he used to take me. Most of the time, he used to tell me sakhiya of Shaheed Singhs and their presence, and as it is followed in Nanaksar and other sampardas, he read lot of Sukhmani Sahib, as it is believed that Sukhmani sahib brings to you Shaheedi Pehra ( Protection of Shaheed Singhs).

                   The two people he used to talk about most were Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed and Baba Sukha Singh ji Shaheed. They were his favourite Heroes, as their deeds are unmatched in history. As I grew up, influence of Shaheed Singhs and their lives took over me and I started my research on lives of Shaheed Singhs. I still get amazed sometimes that fifteen years back, I got to read some very valuable and rare granths and books which have been virtually removed from markets and the valuable material in them has been lost. The inspiring and marvellous stories of bravery of puratan Shaheeds which were capable of giving life to a dying person have been hidden from Sikhs and what is being fed through internet and dodgy translations is a very different form of Sikhi, away from truth, mischievously misinterpreted and deeply sectarian, with each of modern day groups claiming to be real and distorting history and maryada to suit their needs. And when the so-called Faithful started distortions and tailoring, nindaks got a chance to question the maryada and history.

                The Piaar and Faith people had 20-25 years ago is gone, and the people who lived through that period of 1984-1994 are today busy in making life for themselves, their children and coming generation good and bright, sitting in luxuries of western countries, without making any effort to stand up, defend and preach Truth of Guru’s Shabad and Sikh History. There are very few out there who are actually doing something for Panth in the field, and most of them are Naujawan Singhs. This period of depression started around 1994-1995 when Panth had to cease its War of Freedom due to circumstances. Situation today is same on Warfront, but it has deteriorated on Maryada and History front. It was during those times when I used to go to lots of Sant Mahapurkhs for guidance and vidya, and at most places, I saw something or another happening which was ‘clearly’ against Baani of Guru Granth Sahib ji. It was during those disheartening times that I heard one Mahapurakh saying in his diwan the following words

‘’ Doing Sangat of a Brahmgiani Mahapurakh never means doing sangat of his body. When you read about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you think about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you listen about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you listen, read his bachans in a book or in an audio cassette, you do his sangat, and when you follow his bachans, you do his Sangat. Just think about a Brahmgiani Sant anytime, he’ll be there, around you, looking at you, protecting you, guiding you. A Brahmgiani is form of Nirankaar, just like Nirankaar Waheguru is everywhere, in every heart, Brahmgiani is also there in everyone, every heart’’.

            That gave me heart, because I knew that in these times it was really hard to stick to Dharam. People thought about ‘Dharha’ (group), not Dharam. Shaheeds thought about Dharam, nothing else. It was really hard to find out the truth with own confused little mind, so I left it on Vadde Babaji (that’s what I call Baba Deep Singh ji) to take me out of this mess and guide me on path of truth, as I knew I was not good enough to directly ask Guru Gobind Singh ji to guide me, me being a Paapi Jeev. I didn’t possess any learning, bhagti, vidya, Jap-tap neither back then, nor do I now. But I believe it was Kirpa of Nirankaar saroop Babaji that led me on this path. And then with the Kirpa, darshans of Brahmgiani Mahapurakhs started, one after another, I had the blessed opportunities to have darshan and listen to bachans of many Brahmgianis (sadly , only a handful of them are present physically today). This was the first fal of Babaji’s Kirpa (I believe so).

       And then after the Kirpa of Vadde Babaji, blessings of various Mahapurakhs (which all happened due to kirpa of Satguru Guru Granth Sahib ji), things started clearing up. It took a bit of time though, but ultimately things got clear. The confusions about Maryada, History and Sampardas got cleared one by one. I had read virtually every Granth and book by the time I was 20, and things did make sense by then. I started asking questions to myself and the got their answers from within myself. This was in line with bachans of a blessed Mataji, who had guided me and my parents in very hard times. She used to say ‘ Son, whenever you have a question or doubt, just do aradas to Maharaj and Shaheed Singhs, you don’t have to go to anyone to get the answer, the answer will come from within yourself’. I was flattered by what Mataji said, but after few days I started having doubts on this bachan. How can someone get the answers if he/she doesn’t ask someone or read from somewhere? Very next day I was sitting in diwan of Baba Paramjeet Singh Dhadda sahib and he told about his experience. He said that when he was born, Sant Balwant Singh asked his father not to send him to school or any other place as ‘all the vidya will come on him from Guru Granth Sahib ji himself’. And he revealed that he hadn’t taken Santhya or music lesson from anywhere, still he could play the Vaaja beautifully and recite Shudh Baani (which I believed after hearing his Paath and Kirtan).

                   Till that day I didn’t believe in this concept of ‘Parokh Giaan’ (invisible transfer of knowledge and wisdom), but I started believing after certain experiences in life. If Sikhi is not all about mysticism, it’s certainly also not all about just reading, listening and talking. Sikhi is deep, more one dives and more precious jewels of Giaan, Prem and Ras one collects. Its just not efforts, kamaai or tapasya of an individual which take one to that place, its all Gur-parsad.  Sikhi is nothing without Gur-parsad, and no one knows how we are going to recieve Gur-parsad.

                Gurparsad is not which can be seen with eyes or expressed through words, its something different, very pure, very high and very deep at same time. Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj always looks after his Sikh, with his Kirpa, with his Daya. And the Daya can be in form of guidance and protection of Shaheed Singhs, sangat of a Naam-rasiya Mahapurakh or a moment in life when Naam of Waheguru starts feeling beautiful and mind starts saying ‘Waheguru’ without any effort. There are a million ways in which Guru can do kirpa on his Sikh, and no one can reject any way. Whatever I say, whatever I write, whatever I share is not mine, these are not my words, that is the reason I have always asked Sangat to question me on ANY point they feel is contradictory to Gurmat or History, because I know and I am sure that the words shared with Sangat have the power to stand any test, as they are words of truth as blessed by Babaji and Shaheed Singhs.
          Sometimes my views and writings are laughed up by people as ‘senseless’ or ‘misguiding’. But then, people with those views are a handful, who does this due to their own personal affiliations and notions of their mind. Sikhi is about Guru and Baani, Sikhi is about those who have lived Sikhi with each breath and have gone to their Guru with honour, Sikhi is about standing and speaking for Truth, whatever the consequences. The One who guides me has been with me, in the hardest of times, at times when I was about to fall, he has held me, when I was about to get lost in darkness of maya and ignorance, he has lighted my path with his mercy. Good times have come and gone, and bad times have come and gone, I have virtually died at point of life, but he has held me and given me life, not only given me life but led me through hardest of times with all his love and mercy.

                 I have talked to various Mahapurakhs, who tend to keep these things Gupt in modern times, and all of them had one thing to say,
‘Baba Deep Singh ji is Jathedar of Shaheedi Fauja, where he stands, Kirpa of Guru Gobind Singh ji follows’.

    Reading lives of Saints like Baba Karam Singh ji Hoti Mardaan, Baba Attar Singh ji Mastuana Sahib and Baba Nand Singh ji, we come across ‘Partakh’ proof of existence and kirpa of Shaheed Singhs, which I will share with sangat in future, and it used to hurt me badly that if all Takhats, all Gurudwaras, All Mahapurakhs and Sants, all blessed souls have kirpa of Shaheed Singhs and Babaji, why don’t they talk about them openly. Getting laughed at or questioned is not an excuse to hide Truth. In fact, this thing can become an inspiring factor for youth around the world to take to Sikhi, Naam and Baani.

                   Today when I look back at my life and my present, I feel grateful to Babaji from all my soul and blood for being in my Life as my guide and mentor. Maybe I haven’t seen him physically, maybe I haven’t had his Darshan in this life, but I believe he is around all the time. He’s been with me where no one else could ever have, He has helped me through the times No one could have, it was with his guidance that I got darshan of blessed souls like Baba Thakur Singh ji, Baba Darshan Singh ji, Baba Hazoora Singh ji, Baba Garhgajj Singh ji and other Mahapurakhs. It’s with his kirpa that I was able to understand the Tatt Maryada of Sikhi, it was with his Kirpa that I was able to understand the true history of Sikhi, and I believe someday, with Kirpa of Babaji and Great Pita Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, I will be able to understand ‘Ik Oaankaar’, Mool Mantar and Japji Sahib, which I haven’t been able till today. I don’t have any Jap-Tap or any Naam-Kamaaii, and believe me, I am a very big Paapi, but then, as Baba Kundan Singh ji said, ‘Whoever considers himself a Paapi and not able of getting Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Kirpa, should go to Darbar of Baba Deep Singh ji at ‘ Shaheeda Sahib’, and Baba Deep Singh ji shall get even the worst Paapi forgiven and blessed by Guru Gobind Singh ji’.

    Bachans like this can be seen turning into reality at Babaji’s Sthaan in Sri Amritsar Sahib, where even those are blessed and forgiven who have given up all hope of life. (If someone doubts this, he/she can go to any Sunday to Babaji’s place and witness the shower of mercy).  Sometimes mind is puzzled, how much Kamaai Babaji had, how much Jap-Tap he did that even today, after 254 years after his Shaheedi, the faithful still feel his presence, how much Love for Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj he had, that till today he ‘transports and transfers’ Guru’s Kirpa on those who are not worthy of Kirpa. What was his Nitnem? What was his Kamaai? What was his Awastha that till today, even after centuries have passed, no other Sikh Shaheed or Sant has risen to level of Baba Deep Singh ji Maharaj? (sadly, I haven’t got answers to these questions still, and I really don’t wish to get the answers to these as I know I can never comprehend Babaji’s Awastha, as for me, He is Partakh Rabb).

                 I have been sharing Gian blessed by Babaji regarding Sikhi, History and Maryada. And I have always welcomed questions and discussions regarding the things I write or share, as it is duty of Sikhs to discuss Gurmat and Gurbaani. Sikhi is all about Faith and Love, and it is said that ‘one day, we become like the one we love’.

            I know I or anyone else can never be like Babaji, but atleast we can try to be his Charan-dhoor, because sticking to his Charan, one day we can reach Darbar of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. Love Sants and you become a Sant, Love Shaheeds and One day you become a Shaheed, love Satguru ji and one day you become a part of Satguruji. It’s all about Love. Sikhi is path of Love, and on this path of Love, who is better inspiration to walk than Baba Deep Singh ji Maharaj, who walked on this Path with his Head on his hand.

                If someone wants to learn Sikhi, learn it from Shaheeds, Shaheeds like Babaji and Baba Mani Singhji, Baba Taru Singh ji and others….they will teach what Sikhi is, how to walk on path of Sikhi and Guru without fear. You will not even know when they come in your life, be a part of your life, and start guiding you and making you able, able of fighting for Sikhi, able of Dying for Sikhi.

              I have felt that kirpa in my life, felt that light and guidance in my life and when due to my own mistakes I go far from them, there comes a time of depression. But then after seeing me stuck in Maaya, they get merciful and hold my hand and show me path again, path brightened by their kirpa and presence. It’s hard to describe it for me though, and it’ll be hard to understand for some people as well, but then, these things are better experienced than said or read.

       Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed Maharaj
Jathedar of –  DamDami Taksal / Misal Shaheedan/ Shaheedi Fauja

Daas- Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Friday, January 28. 2011 in Sant Mahapurakhs

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