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Shaheedi Bhai Sukha-Bhai Jinda

Bhai Sukha Jinda

An Independent Sikh State will be a reality one day,there will be Khalsa Raaj and Kesri Nishan will rise high in Skies.There is no way blood of thousands of Singhs,Singhanis and Bhujangis of this Kaum will be wasted.The mission,the dream we had in our eyes will be fulfilled,if not by present,then Next Generation!We'll live with Freedom or not live at all.Because Guru Gobind Singh ji gave us slogan of 'Nische Kar Apni Jeet karoo' or ''Att hee Rann meh tab jhoojh maroo''.Either we Win or we Die. Khalsa never loses a War, we will not! Death is a victory in itself,because you dont have to face defeat. Sant Jarnail Singh ji taught us ' Jeena Anakh naal,Marna Dharam layi'(To live,live with honour,to die,die for faith) and We are proud that we got to die for our faith. (Bhai Sukha - Bhai Jinda,Jail chithiyan)

Dhan Bhai Sukhdev Singh ji Shaheed
Dhan Bhai Harjinder Singh ji Shaheed

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Friday, December 10. 2010

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