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Important Benti-2 -Wake up Now

People working against Sri Dasam Granth dont have any plans to stop here. Their plans go deep, to tar, to tear apart very fabric of Khalsa Panth. Panth stands on a principle, on a discipline. Hinduism is divided into sampardas and sects because they dont have any basic principle, any basic set of laws which guide them. This led to their division, which ultimately led to slavery of India for 1200 years. Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj gave us certain principles, a maryada to follow, which will bring about discipline in our life. But today, we have gone beyond Guru's Hukam, Will and Wish. There are hundreds of big and small sects in Sikhs and there sre sects which broke away from Sikhi when they grew, like Radhaswamis, Narkdharis etc.

                   Before i write more, i would like to say something. One of my brothers shared my last benti on his wall. As usual, a Sikh who tries to tread middle path commented ''We should not talk about or shout about issue of Dasam Granth as it is not primary issue, but Khalsa ji should first strive to create an independent state of Khalastan and then the issues can be solved''. Typical of these people who try to tread middle path or are working with some ulterior motives. Someone should ask these people,

  •  Who were the ones who brought up issue of Dasam granth?

  •  Who divided panth into parts and raised finger on Akaal Takhat Sahib?

  •  Who has openly revolted against Khalsa ji?

  •  Who calls those sikhs, committed to Independent Sikh Nation and freedom of Panth, terrorists?                                    

     ( Go in Sangat and raise these questions to Sangat)

These types of people have been let loose on FB and other websites to divert our attention from basic issue. Issue is Sri Dasam Baani. If Dasam Baani is fake, then our Amrit is fake, If our Amrit is Fake, then our Rehat Maryada, our distinct identity is fake. Then we are no better than undisciplined Hindus or divided Christians and Muslims. Beware of such people.

(Personally speaking, I would never take part in ANY movement, struggle or morcha which is taken out, carried by people who swear at my Guru's Baani, Baana, Amrit, Kakkars and Rehat Maryada. be it Khalastan or whatever. Khalsa will make Khalistan, not Malechs led by Lala Darshan. And We don't need their assistance to liberate our Panth, Our Kaum.)

Lets see who all stand against Panth and Sri Dasam Granth today.

  •     A UNKNOWN agency or group, which is out to break an destroy Khalsa Panth.

  •     Sects, Cults, Deras, Fake Babas and Dals led by Panth Dokhis, who want to see Sikhi finished.

  •     Corrupt Political leaders of Political parties.

  •     Treacherous Sikhs, agents, cats, touts living in India and planted by Indian agencies in 80's and 90's.

  •     Semi-literate sikh scholars , Gianis and Parcharaks

  •     Gullible , innocent Sikhs who are brainwashed by above mentioned people to rebel against Panth.

On line of fire of these agencies, organizations, individuals are :-

  •      Damdami Taksal of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

  •      Parcharaks, Gianis and Sewadars associated with Damdami Taksal.( Giani Balbir Singh, Giani Jangbir Singh etc.)

  •      Akhand Kirtani Jatha ( which believes in Puratan Maryada)

  •      Sant-Mahapurakhs who do Sikhi Parchar in Rural Punjab and carry out Amrit Sanchars.

  •      Nihang Dals, Scholars and Professors who have carried out research on Sri Dasam Granth.

Enemy knows our weakness and every time he strikes at our weakness, in most powerful way. He knows, we, The Sikhs are the ones who can be swayed easily. Just give a slogan '' PANTH IN DANGER'' and we'll pick our swords without thinking and go to street, hitting anyone and everyone coming our way, what if the next person is our brother.

Ever thought, Santji never blamed ONLY RSS for problems of Sikhs. RSS was well present at Santji's time and Santji used to call them Nikkar-dharis, Jan-Sanghi. Santji warned Sikhs of everyone, whole if Indian establishment, political parties and society as a whole. But We Sikhs didnt learn anything. Till late 90's, Congress was blamed for most of problems of Sikhs, and RSS-BJP was placed at number two. What happened that in few years, root of our all problems was shifted to RSS-BJP and Congress was given clean chit. RSS is our enemy, no doubt in that, but RSS is not our only enemy. What about Congress? What about communists?  But all our energy, all our resources, research, propaganda was diverted from Congress to RSS. And today, every Sikh who believes in Dasam Baani, in Puratan maryada, In Puratan Granths and rehitnaamas, in traditions of Sikhi is labeled ' agent of RSS'. Why? Who did this? And the Congress party, which demolished Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, which butchered thousands in Delhi and other cities in November 1984, which led the massacre of Sikhs in Punjab from 1984-1994 has been forgiven of its sins. I wonder how this happened? Maybe this video will help you to understand what went behind the scenes.


After this day, Darshan Laala turned against Dasam Baani, was given patronage by Congress Government of Delhi, assisted by Sarna and party, given free hand in any type of Anti-Panth Parchar and even Z-plus security in India. Why?

Badal is bad, RSS is worse, but Darshan and congress are worst. Still there is no one out there who will expose them, show the world their real face, tell how this Masand with help of Delhi Masands has struck at very root of Sikhi, its institutions.

If standing for Baani of my Father Dasam Patshah makes me RSS agent, if speaking for my Shaheeds, my traditions makes me RSS agent, i am ready to be called one. Atleast i will not be known as a Traitor. Words have been used for us like Dasam granthi mafia, Vehlers, Terrorists and many more...but these words just make my resolve to fight against enemies of Baani and Panth more firm. We dont have any empire, any organization, any Jathebandi to back us, to support us, to finance us, we have just Our Satguru's Oat-Aasra, and thats the biggest power a Sikh can dream of.

We have our enemy, much stronger and sophisticated in front of us,bu we have to hold on, hold on till Guru Maharaj does Kirpa and sends His Blessed General Back, back to field, to destroy enemies of Panth, to demolish empires of evil , to raise Kesri Nishan High in Blue Skies.

And we cannot back down.

Its just that time to take on Nindaks of Guru, Dokhis of Panth is here, and if we run away from our duty now, if we didnt stand up for Guru Dasmesh Pita ji, Guru Granth Sahib ji, Khalsa Panth , then our Lives, our riches, our bodies, our Baana and Shastars...all are useless.....

Some More Bentiya to follow soon....

KamalJeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Monday, May 2. 2011 in Sri Dasam Granth

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