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Satkaar of Guru Granth Sahib ji

It was the year of 1976, and Akhand Keertani jatha had a Kirtan Programme and Mehta Sahib. Akhand Paat Sahib Had Happened , but Guru Sahib had not been taken to sukhasan asthaan because a rehansabai was going on. At around 12 am that night, Sant Kartar Singh Jee and many other singhs ( sant jarnail singh etc.) were on the top of the langar hall building of Mehta Headquaters. Sant kartar singh jee were resting on a Manjaa at the time. All of a sudden the Manjaa toppled over and Sant Kartar Singh Jee fell on the ground. All the singhs were shocked at how the bed toppled over without sant jee moving or any one pushing it. Sant Jee without saying anything ran to the Diwaan and all the other Singh's followed.

Sant Jee told his Garrwai Singh to wash his feet. While the Kirtan was going on Sant jee did Sukhasan, Took Guru sahib jee to the Sukhasan Asthaan, brought another saroop of guru sahib then did parkaash. When Sant Jee went back into the diwaan, they did the following bachan to all the sangat there. That Guru Gobind Singh jee themselves got Sant ji by the ear and threw him off the manjaa and said , ' Kartaar Singh , you are the sewadaar of this place. It is your duty to do my sewa, but you are lying on a bed while Guru sahib Has been parkash for the past three days and sukhasan still had'd been done tonight. At the time Sant Ji were very upset and kept asking forgiveness at the Feet of satguru. They said to the sangat - Guru Granth Sahib Ji are God on Earth but why can't we even do their Satkaar properly? They are Akaal Purakh Vaheguru's Sargun form, blessing us moorakhs with their darshan.

(Translated from Giani Thakur Singh's Katha, and Giani pritam singh jee's 'Pavitar Jeevan')

Jivanpal Singh

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Wednesday, May 11. 2011 in Sant Mahapurakhs

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