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Sukhmani Sahib and Mahapurakhs

A human, on average takes 24000 breaths everyday. sri sukhmani sahib has 21624 words, and 273 words which ae used in the feet of the akhars. Aded toghether this makes exactly 2400 words. Dhan Guru Arjan dev jee has blessed us so much, and given us this gift of sri sukhmani sahib. Any one who reads one sri sukhmani sahib da paat , every breath they take is 'safal.'

So we may ask, what about mahapursh? They are on the avastha of swaas swaas simran, why do they need sri sukhmani sahib. In puratan and varatmaan itihaas we can see that mahapursh never let go of sri sukhmani sahib.

1. Sant kamal Singh of Kamalpur Used to recite Five sri sukhmani sahib paats everyday, and then used to get millions of paats done by the sangis there.

2.Sant Uttam singh jee used to recite sri sukhmani sahib all day from memory.

3. Sant nihchal singh ji, sant jawahar singh ji mittha tiwana, sant gulab singh noorpur, sant hardarshan singh used to recite two paats of sri sukhmani sahib everyday.

4. Baba nand singh jee used to listen to 5 sri sukhmani sahib de paat from their sewak. Baba Nand singh jee specialy recognised the power of sukhmani sahib. There was a time at nanaksar when kaljug wanted to interfere with the bhagti going on there. Baba nand singh did hukam to start a 24 hour , day and night sukhmani sahib paat akhand paat , which is still going 2day at nanaksar at the same place. Kaljug themselves said to baba ji , there is one thing i can't bear and that is sukhmani sahib ! Baba ji laughed and said you yourselves have given us the solution to the problem, we will now never stop sukhmani sahib here! In nanaksar great stress is laid on sukhmani sahib, and all mahapurshs of nanaksar ( baba isher singh ji, baba kundan singh ji, baba sadhu singh ji, poojniye baba gurdev singh jee and so on) do numerous paats of sri sukhmani sahib in their nitnem, and tell others to do it ( aap jape , avreh naam japaveh.)

5. Srimaan Vidya maartand Sant giani gurbachan singh jee khalsa bhindrawale used to read panj granthi everyday , which includes sukhmani sahib. while on long journeys doing parchar, many sewaks would fall asleep , but sant ji would not sleep until he had done sri sukhmani sahib da paat + nitnem etc.

6. In the sewapanthi Samparda, it is their maryada to do Sukhmani Sahib As nitnem ( 1 atleast) everyday.

7. Sant Hira singh jee recited sukhmani sahib their whole life.

8. A companion of Bhai Randheer singh Jee , bhai aatma singh jee , as soon as he used to wake up sri sukhmani sahib used to start in his surtee ( mind) and he used to complete it in 15 minutes.

9. Another interesting example is that of Sant Mani singh jee's ( birmingham) companion ,bhai amrik singh. He was sehajdhari at first but then took amrit. He became great friends with sant mani singh jee, and sometime later sant ji asked them " what is your nitnem?" out of humility he said he didn't feel right to answer such a question , but as they were a mahapursh he would have to comply. Bhai sahib jee said had an amazing spiritual jeevan. He used to do 5 Siri Sukhmani Sahibs a day plus 250 Siri Chaupai Sahibs a day other then his normal nitnem ( panj bania etc). Once he did Ardaas to do 50 Siri Sukhmani Sahib paaths for Bhai Mani Singh's health and he completed these paaths in 3 days. ( as per teachings of mahapursh , 50 sukhmani sahibs = 1 sri sehaj paat sahib. Baba Nand Singh jee used to give parshaad of bani to sangis - i.e. tell each sangi to read 2 sukhmani sahibs a day etc to make the full paath in the month.)

Satguru Sahib Kirpa karan, and bless everyone with the precious gift of sri sukhmani sahib Nitnem.

Bhull Chuk Muaaf,

Jivanpal Singh

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Wednesday, May 11. 2011 in Sant Mahapurakhs

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