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A memory of Baba 'Tiger Force Wala'

Someone remembers a person called Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal?

Well, He was Sant -Sipahi son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, Jathedar of Panthic Committe and Jathedar of BTFK.

He was ordered by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa to carry forward Sikh Resistance Movement in his absence, and Babaji stayed true to bachans of Taksal Mukhi, fighting till last breath.

His priority was Freedom of Panth from slavery and that was his Only Mission and Dream......He never looked for Jathedari or Fame, what Panth gave him, He accepted and when Panth ordered him for any sewa, He served Panth as a Sewadar, not Jathedar.

He Wanted Ekta in all Jathebandis fighting for Panth, and didnt even fire a shot at his Sikh Brothers even after they killed his real Brother due to a wrong information. That was his Sidak and Santokh.

When Bhai Sukhdev Singh attained Shaheedi, people saw tears in his eyes. They asked why are you crying as Jathedar (Sukhdev Singh) had differences with you?

And Baba replied, What if we had differences, still he was my Brother.

He never allowed a Baraat of more than 11 members from his family or from anyone of his Jathebandi's Singh's side or any useless spendings on marriages. Looking at his example, hundreds of simple marriage ceremonies were held in Majha Region which he attended and where he used to bless the newly-wed couples.

He never celebrated Diwali or other festivals in his household. He used to say, My sisters were raped, my brothers were butchered and are still being killed, How can i Celebrate and Enjoy these festivals and new years? He even wrote a Poem sharing his Pain and anguish, a poem which showed how much dard he carried in his heart of his Kaum.

My friends will be waiting For my New Year greetings wishing them happiness,

Oh my friend! How can I wish happy New Year to you,

As yet I still have to guard my heritage under constant threat of humiliation.

The turban of my Father is rolling somewhere in the dust,

It might be waste in the dark corner of some police station.

After the murders of our mothers and sisters, tears have been unceasing.

Our innocent boys who are soft as flowers lie beneath the bridges, below the trees murdered in false encounters.

Our sister's honor remains unavenged since the Delhi massacre,

I am in great and constant grief like the tender butterfly that flutters and turns white with fear,

whose wings have turned Grey with the passing of time.

In this struggle I may not be recognized and may get lost,

And in this dreadful situation in what way can I then convey my New year greetings to you.

We will wait for better times.

Then shall I send such greetings When Spring visits our garden !!

He always asked Sangat to support families of Shaheeds with all the means they have. He didn't just fight, he made sure that those who fight and die for Panth, their families are looked after well, their children go to school and their daughters get married with Honor.

He could have escaped from Battlefield, but even when he knew that death was imminent, He was heard singing in streets of villages and sidewalks of Wheat Fields in Punjab

''Sir ditteya baajh nahi rehna dharam sir ditteya Baajh nahi rehna''

His Father, His Mother, His brother, His nephews were killed, but he didnt budge from his Path of Revolution.

And One day he attained Martyrdom for Panth, sacrificing his life at altar of Truth, but prophesied that One day, Panth will defintiely have its Freedom, Its Raaj.

That was what Baba was ! Now look for yourself at Jeevan of those who claim to be leaders of Panth, Generals of Panth. See how they live, how they enjoy luxuries of life, how they talk about Shaheeds and Movement but can't tell what they want to do for Panth, they would give slogan of Khalistan to Youth, but will not tell how they plan to move. They are people who spend thousands and thousands of Pounds and Dollars and Rupees on marriages of their children, make sure their children stay safe and away from so-called Movement, but dont help Shaheed families in Punjab. And there are those who want Singhs living in Punjab to rise, fight and die, but dont wish to speak even a word in their favour while sitting in western countries. These are the people who have turned their back towards Guru, towards Shaheeds and still call themselves Sikhs.

Where will we find Our Sant, Our Baba again? Dasmesh Pita knows best what plans he has for us, for his Panth!

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Tuesday, August 23. 2011 in History

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