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Nihang Khan Kotla was a rich businessman who lived in village Kotla which was also known as Kotla Nihang Khan. He was a Muslim by birth but had deep faith and devotion for Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. Every month, He along with his family would go to Anandpur Sahib, to have Darshan of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj and take his blessings.

When Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj left Sri Anandpur Sahib, on night of 20th December they reached House of Nihang Khan. Guru Gobind Singh ji had with him Two elder Sahibzadey and 40 Singhs. Soon after, a fatally wounded Bhai Bachittar Singh ji, Guruji's beloved Warrior, whom Guruji had given the title of 'Mera Farzand' ( My Son) reached house of Nihang Khan. Bhai Bachittar Singh ji was commander of 100 Singhs who had fought Mughal Fauj on southern bank of River Sirsa and delayed their advance to follow Guru Gobind Singh ji. He had cuts all over his body and Mughals had taken him as dead and left in battlefield. All 100 Singhs had attained Shaheedi in this Jang. Bhai Bachittar Singh regained consciousness after some time and started followng trail, so that He'd get a chance to fight enemy once again and fall in Battlefield.

When he reached Nihang Khan's house, Satguruji saw his condition and left him at Nihang Khan's house, asking him to take care and do sewa of Bhai Bachittar Singh as they would have done Guruji's Sewa. Mughals had got a tip that Guruji was in Nihang Khan's house, so the Mughal fauj turned towards village of Kotla. But before they could reach there, Guru Gobind Singh ji, alongwith Sahibzadey and 40 Singhs left Kotla Village giving 'bakshish' (blessings) to Nihang Khan's family in form of a 'Khanjar' and 'Talwar'.

After Some time, Mughals surrounded Nihang Khan's Haveli and started searching for Guruji and Singhs. Nihang Khan told the Mughal commander that Guruji was not in their house and if they wished, they can search whole house. Mughal soldiers started their search operation, room after room they searched but found nothing. As they neared Room where a wounded Bhai Bachittar Singh lay on bed, Nihang Khan asked his daughter to do the sewa which was needed that moment.

As Mughals tried to enter that room,NIhang Khan told them that it was His daughter's room and she was inside with her sick Husband, taking care of him. Mughal soldiers believed in what Nihang Khan said, but confirmed from Bibi Mumtaz , '' Who is inside with you''?? Mughals asked.

''Its me and my husband here inside, he is sick'' replied Bibi Mumtaz!

Confirming that Guruji was not in house or village of Kotla, Mughal Army started its pursuit of Guruji.

On the Other hand, NIhang Khan thanked his daughter for what she did as it was due to her that Bhai Sahib ji was saved from arrest, and Guruji's bachans were fulfilled.

In Akaal Purakh's will, Bhai Bachittar Singh ji, fatally wounded, left his body after some time and went to Sachkhand. His Antim Sanskaar was done by Nihang Khan in Village Kotla himself.

And Mumtaz? What she did?
She was a Sikh daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji. She knew what honour of Sikh woman was. She didnt had Laavan with Bhai Bachittar Singh ji, but the time she spent in his sewa nursing his wounds and the words she spoke '' Its me and my husband'' had a deep effect on her. She had said those words from her heart, accepted Bhai Sahib as her husband and she lived by them entire life!

Bibi Mumtaz didnt marry anyone else whole her life and Lived on this planet as 'Singhani' of Bhai Bachittar Singh ji.

This is Sidak, Sikhi, True Love!

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar 

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Monday, September 19. 2011 in History

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