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Jin Prem Kio -2

Bhai Kantha had one wish whole his life, having darshan of Satguru Hargobind Sahib. He lived on outskirts of village Bhai Ki Daroli and remembered Maharaj everyday. From the day he heard about Maharaj’s greatness, mercy and divinity, he continuously did ardas to Maharaj to bless him with his Darshan. Only thing which he rued was, He was ‘Soorma’, his eyes were not able to see anything on this world from the day he was born. He used to say, maharaj only if you had given me eyes, I’d come to Sri Amritsar to have your darshan on my own feet. His thirst for maharaj’s darshan increased with every passing day.

            As days passed, Maharaj came to visit Bhai Ki Daroli, where Maharaj’s brother-in-law Bhai Sai Daas lived. He had built a new house and wanted Maharaj to first stay in it for few days.

Those were days of summer and Malwa used to be very hot, as it was desert area. One afternoon, imbued in Maharaj’s love, Bhai Kantha asked his attendant to take him outside. It was afternoon and Bhai sahib walked into desert. There he sat down on a sand dune and asked the attendant to go back. Here Bhai Kantha enjoined his conscious-ness with Maharaj’s Naam and did ardas to Maharaj to come and liberate him, bless him. As Bhai Sahib sat in scorching heat on burning sand, Guru Hargobind Sahib ji’s forehead started sweating. Slowly Maharaj’s clothes got wet with sweat. Bhai Sai Daas was doing Pakhe di sewa (fanning) Maharaj. Suddenly Maharaj got up from his bed and ran towards his horse. Getting on horse, Maharaj started riding towards the place where Bhai Kantha was sitting in deep Samadhi, longing for Maharaj’s darshan. Hazoori Singhs followed Maharaj in desert. Maharaj reached the spot and un-mounted from his horse and went upto Bhai Sahib. Maharaj said, Bhai Kantha, I’m here.

'Who'? Asked Bhai Kantha .
'I’m the one whom you are waiting for in this burning desert' Maharaj replied.

Hearing this, tears started rolling down Bhai sahib’s eyes. He said, all these days, I’ve been longing for your darshan and now you are in front of me, but I , the cursed one can’t see you. And saying this, Bhai Kantha ji fell on Maharaj’s feet.

Satguru ji, lifted up Bhai Kantha and moved his hands on Bhai Kantha’s wet closed eyes, and said ‘ Open them and see me ‘. As Bhai Sahib opened his eyes, he saw Lord of Two worlds, Miri Piri de Maalik Satguru Hargobind Sahib standing in front of him. With his thirsty eyes, he drank the nectar of Maharaj’s Darshan. Looking at Maharaj’s merciful eyes, beautiful face, Saabat-soorat, kalgi and dastar, and two talwars, Bhai Kantha got lost in bliss.

Suddenly holding Maharaj’s hand, he said, ‘Maharaj, please take back this eye-sight.’
Maharaj said, ‘ Kantha, what we give once, we don’t take back. That’s not ‘birad’ of Guru Nanak’s house.

Bhai Kantha then fell at feet of Maharaj and prayed, ‘Maharaj, whole my life I wished to have eyesight, to see this world, and today I have the eye-sight but I don’t want to see the world. I saw you, and with the eyes I saw you, I don’t want to see anything else. I want your beautiful saroop imbued in my mind, in my conscience. If you don’t want to take back these eyes, then I don’t want to live and see this world, its koor-tamasha, its falsehood. I don’t want to lose this vision of you, this love of yours, this mercy. Please, I beg you, I have got what I wanted, and I don’t want to live any more.’

Hearing Bhai Kantha’s Ardas, Maharaj sat down on burning sand, bonded in love of his Gursikh and Bhai Kantha lay down on sand, with his Head in Maharajs lap. Having the divine darshan of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Bhai Kantha closed his eyes. Saying Waheguru, Maharaj placed his hands on Bhai Kantha’s Dasam Dwaar and liberated his beloved Gursikh.

Till then hazoori Gursikhs had reached the spot and seeing the beautiful game of love between Guru and Sikh, all were in tears. Maharaj asked Sikhs to prepare a pyre for Bhai Kantha. Maharaj set alight pyre of his beloved Gursikh with his own hands.

Bhai Kantha, only Gursikh other than Baba Buddha Ji and Bhai Gurdas ji whose pyre was lit by Maharaj himself.

‘’Jin prem kio, tin hee prabh paayo’’

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Tuesday, September 20. 2011 in History

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