Warriors of Faith

Jin Prem Kio-3

When heart is consumed into the chambers of sorrows

When pain lulls as you lay in the cradle of arrows

Don’t be panicked by the roars of these rising waves

They’ll crawl to be tiny before His foot that saves…

Moments of despair, the real focus, life misses

Kindle the dying flames of dedication by His promises

No darkness can be too thick to make you blind

As you dare to discover His grace in the musing wind….

Even our friendly shadow may deny to follow

When life seems to be joyless and hollow

Around you His invisible arms will ever hover

As an impenetrable shield He will surely cover…

No piercing blame is too severe to hear

No painful cross is too heavy to bear

No fiery blazes of life is too intense to embrace

As we rest in His arms wrapped by His grace…

His hands framed you within the closed walls of womb

Hasn’t He promised to lead you even beyond the tomb?

In the trying hours you will hear His whispers of grace

Know you are never left alone in your struggling race…

Every flower that blossoms

Every dew that descends

Every bird that sings

Every star that twinkles

Every rays of sun that awake the earth from slumber

Every breath that slips out of our soul

Is the gift of God and happily assures

God still loves and cares for you and me.

May His presence anoint you with promising security

And glisten your path until you merge into the bliss of eternity

Filled with the brilliance of hope, let your heart sing

For He will ever carry you on Eagle’s wings…!

'A prayer for everyone'

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Friday, September 23. 2011

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