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Jin Prem Kio -4 ( Naam and Bairaag)

Naam in the words of Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji -

To know naam; to understand naam, you must have faith. Faith, that the Divine is all-pervading. Faith, that in the seen and unseen world, it is the Formless One that permeates. Faith, that invisible to the naked eye, the Pure Light of the Divine is in each and every being. Faith, that the Divine is eternal strength. Faith, that the power and ways of the Divine cannot be known by mortals, for the Divine is immortal.

When this eternal pure light meets with the spark of light within you, at that moment enlightenment takes place. Your life as you know it ceases. This pure light transforms you. Wonder and gratitude fill every pore of your being.

If this union does not take place, then you continue to live like an extinguished lamp, low in spirits and powerless to rise above worldly desires. This is the cause of pain and suffering. So train your mind to always remain in the presence of the Divine.

Think, when you remember someone, is your attention not that person? Attention is the essence in this world. When you give something your total attention, the work gets accomplished. But when the attention gets diverted, the work suffers. When a student gives his attention to his education, he gets educated. Similarly, if you focus your attention on the Divine and its attributes, you too will reap the benefits. So raise your consciousness above the seen world and focus your attention on the Divine.

When you begin to feel the love of the Divine within your mind and body, know that grace has been bestowed. This is naam.

Dyed in the love of the Divine you will see the Divine pervading everywhere. This is naam.

When your attention turns from the seen world, towards the Divine world, that is also naam.

Naam is not mere repetition.

Naam is repetition, recitation, remembrance and sensation.

Naam is life.

Naam is grace.

Naam is the divine light meeting the light within you.

Naam is love, devotion, ecstasy and rapture.

Naam is when in your remembrance of the Divine you feel a heavenly sensation on your tongue.

Naam is when all the cells in your body get immersed in the love of the Divine and the flow of blood through your veins resounds with the sensation of the Divine.

Every pore, every cell rejoices. At that moment, you are truly awake. You are truly alive.  


Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji's description of River Yamuna's thirst for Darshan of Satguru Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj --

From the Himalayan precipice
I plunge into the Torrent waters

Soul ablaze
I search
Once more

I crisscross
The paths
Traveled before
My eyes scan
Countless faces
There is not one
Like Him

I search
On and on

Months Years Centuries Roll
Yet No word Of Him

Disciplined yogis
Ascetic seers
Powerful mystics
Come to my shore

I ask,Where is He?

They say
He is Soul

Figure and form
He's blended
In Cosmic Light

Yogis, seers, mystics
Your learned answers
Don't slake,The fire of my soul

I wish to see
His form
I wish to see
His beauty.
I wish to see
My True King

Seeing His aigrette
Seeing His gold-tipped arrows
Seeing His high-strung bow
Would sooth my eyes.

Witnessing His laughter
Witnessing His sport
Witnessing His Song
Would appease my thirst

If He came
The fire of my soul
Would leap in joy
Every limb, every organ
Would burst with life

But If He is not
To revisit Paonta
And This torment
Was to awaken me

Then I welcome This eternal pain
I welcome This endless longing
I welcome this ever-lasting search

For I seek Only Him
Nothing else But Him

Let eons elapse
Let cycles roll
Let Him be
Where He wills

My search will never cease
My longing will never wane

When thoughts of Him
Flash on my soul
Million waves rise
Calling His Name

This misery is now my life
This misery is now my joy

His Hands Hold my strings
His arrow Lies in my heart

From land to water
From water to land
No goal in sight
Yet, I persist.

Blessed am I
In His pain
For me, there is
Nothing else

This is my story
A glimpse of Him A lifetime of agony
My Prayer,In His compassion
May He return?

My thirst persists
My eyes seek
My heart weeps
My soul appeals

Every wave Resounds His Name
I flow In His Name
I will be As I am now
Till He returns To my shores

He once camped at Paonta
Where is that veena Player
Whose music changed my life forever?

(Let this Ardas of Yamuna, this ardas coming out of Pure-heart of Gurmukh Piare Bhai Vir Singh ji, be Ardas of Our Soul, thirsting and longing for Darshan of Beloved Satguru, Beloved Father, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj)

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar 

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Tuesday, September 27. 2011 in Sant Mahapurakhs

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