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The Gardener and His Wife

Mohina and Sohina were once a rich couple but they had renounced all in love of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.     
They were accomplished singers, gardeners, flower-breeders and poets. They believed in Idol-worship of Vishnu and everyday used to take water from a well to bathe Idol of Vishnu in village temple. One day in morning, as they were taking water for bathing their God, a fatally wounded Gursikh, who was injured in a clash with mughals and whose body was covered with blood came to them and asked for some water as he was dying with thirst.

Mohina and Sohina were carrying sacred water in a pot to the temple for the worship of their stone deity. They said, this water is for bathing God, if we give it to you, this will become impure and God will be angry with us, and we’ll never get to meet God. The dying Sikh, hearing there words said, ‘O lost souls, If this karam is for vision of God, He will not grant you even a glimpse of himself in this life’.

They left the Sikh, who was in pain due to his wounds, and went to please their God, but were so much haunted by the Sikh’s words that they returned hurriedly from the temple sanctuary to give him the very same water, but the Sikh had died in meanwhile. His voice rang in their empty souls: "He will not grant you even a glimpse of himself'.  Saddened by the curse, they went in a state of sadness and as their pain and thirst increased, they came to know that Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Holy Master lived in Anandpur Sahib.

They sold off their property, mansion and fields and gave away the money to poor and left for Anandpur Sahib for darshan of Holy Master. But as they reached Guru’s Darbar, Holy Father had left his throne and went to his Mehal. They tried a number of times to have Darshan of Father, but were never able to have even a glimpse and then the words of dying Sikh rang in their ears again ‘He will not grant you a glimpse of himself in this life'.

One day they met Bhai Kesara Singh (Saffron Singh), the Guru's gardener, exhibited specimens of their work of plant breeding and making many a flower bloom out of its season. He employed them in garden of Mata Jeeto Ji. Nobody else knew anything about them. As the beauty of flowers increased day by day, Maharaj one day asked Mataji, ‘Jeeto ji, How are these flowers getting so beautiful every passing day’? Mataji said ‘Lord, a husband and wife have come to our garden and they look after the flowers like their own children. It’s their Love and dedication which is turning these flowers so beautiful’. Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh ji suddenly got serious, closed his eyes and opened them again, He looked up to the sky, and repeated in an undertone the words of the dying Sikh, "He will not grant you a glimpse of himself in this life'. Then he added: "Tell them they cannot see the Master yet" But the Mother afterwards paid them occasional visits in their neat nest-like hut in the garden, and they used to sing the song of the master to her. They always used to ask Mataji, When will Lord Father bless us with his Darshan? And Mataji smilingly used to place her hands on their heads and say ‘Very soon’.

They used to get up at Amrit Vela, sit together and do their Nitnem, then immerse in Simran in Garden. After Simran they together used to pluck flowers, and singing songs of Guru’s Love, make beautiful garlands for Maharaj. Every morning, whatever the season, they presented Mataji with a garland of flowers, with which the Mother garlanded the Beloved Husband Lord.  Mataji did benti many a times on behalf of Sohina-Mohina for darshan, but only words Maharaj used to say were ‘He will not grant you a glimpse of himself in this life - It was painful to see my Sikh, my Sikh who loved me ,die with thirst. A heart full of Waheguru's Love should never be given any pain, as it reaches Waheguru himself '.
Mataji would return to them and tell them what Maharaj had said. Saddened, they sometimes used to sing these lines in Maharaj’s Love.

I waited for you today
but you didn't show
No no no
I needed You today
So where did You go?
And though I haven't seen you
Are You still there?

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I’m never alone

And though I cannot see You
And I can't explain why
Such a deep, deep reassurance
You've placed in my life

We cannot separate
beause You're part of me
And though You're invisible
I'll trust the unseen

One day, a Faqir called Roda Jalali came and begged of the couple for some of their flowers that seemed to him a curiosity at that season.  Mohina and Sohina could not part with them; they were sacred, for their loving Mother, for their Beautiful Master-Father. Roda Jalali stole like a cat into the garden at night, and plucked all the flowers with a view to presenting them to the Guru in the morning.
Next morning, as the Master was sitting in the assembly of disciples,  Roda Jalali presented himself and made an offering of the ‘basket of flowers’. "Why did you not bring gold Mohurs as an offering?" said the Master. ‘Faqirs never touch gold’, said Jalali. "Then a Faqir should come empty handed", said Maharaj, "The empty hands of a Faqir are beautiful".
"But one must come with an offering", said Jalali. Thereupon the Master made a sign to Bhai Mani Singh to take off Roda Jalali's cap from behind - when lo! a few gold Mohurs fell out of it.

Meanwhile the Guru, looking at the flowers, cried like a grieved father: "O Roda! You have not plucked flowers from the bush, but you have torn two souls from God".   Saying this, the Master ran barefooted to the hut of Sohina and Mohina.  

The couple had already fainted amid their despoiled bushes; they seemed near to death. Mataji and Bhai Kesara Singh were trying to revive them but in vain. There were tears in Mataji’s eyes, seeing two beautiful faces with closed eyes and broken breaths. And the reason they had cried and died for was? That someone had stolen the flowers which were to be presented to Beautiful Lord Father. Such was love and faith and purity in their hearts. Beloved Satguru reached the garden, placed Sohina and Mohina’s heads on his hands and revived them with his glance, and sat by them, lifting their head into his lap while the Mother gave them water to drink. Their opening eyes saw those of the master gazing deeply into them. As they saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s beautiful and merciful face, there was rain of tears from their eyes. Both placed their heads in Maharaj’s hands and cried and cried. Seeing their Love, Maharaj took them in his arms and hugged them and said ‘My Children, this is the second life, now you are part of my family, you have gone beyond death and found me. You are mine and I am yours. We shall never separate again’.

  Those who love Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, The Beloved Master and Father, protector of weak, preserver of poor, shield of helpless have never failed on this path of Love. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj taught just one thing – Love because He himself is Manifestation of Love, Waheguru’s Love!

‘Waho Waho Gobind Singh Aape Gur Chela’

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Saturday, September 10. 2011 in History

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